About Intentionaleaders, LLC

Sometimes the path to leadership success is unclear and rocky. Sometimes we question whether we are even on the right path.  We can feel lost, stuck or out of protein bars.  Though mildly dehydrated, with perseverance, we trudge forward on our path.  Because that’s what leaders do.

Despite all the challenges that leaders face, I believe in great leaders. I believe in amazing leaders. The ones who inspire us, energize us, the ones that challenge us to do our personal best, to push us, support us, and care deeply about us.  And I believe we need more of these leaders in the universe. 

Why? I’ve worked with thousands of individuals over my professional career and they’ve shared stories of bad bosses and horrible leaders. Maybe you’ve had one.  I’m sure you’ve seen one or heard of one. We all have.

Intentionaleaders was created by my desire to create a platform for committed individuals to learn and grow, to be amazing. Deliberately. To avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes that we all can unintentionally make.  I’ve made my share of mistakes and I’ve seen my share of mistakes, which is how many of us grow into better leaders.  

But that is a time consuming and painful journey.  And it requires self-awareness.  In my career moving from peer to boss, to managing teams, managing managers, divisions, and leading my own company—I’ve learned what it takes to be a stronger leader.  The great one, the amazing one.  And I know it doesn’t happen without desire, focus and practice.

After decades of training leaders, I have helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals find their focus and strength to carve out their own path to success. I can help you get there too.

Where are you on your journey?

Organizations:  Are you…

  • Concerned about the next generation of leaders and who is in the pipeline?
  • Troubled by a lack of consistent best practices for managing your talent pool?
  • Worried that managers are not coaching consistently or effectively?
  • Responsible for managing employee turnover and retention, and concerned about workforce employee engagement?
  • Skeptical that public workshops or one-size-fits-all training is not sustainable or aligned with your needs and culture?

Individuals:  Do you…

  • Need a clear strategy for intentionally developing your skills in order to start your career or progress to the next level ?
  • Find your energy lagging as you attempt to balance a crazy workload and your real life?
  • Want tools to use immediately because you don’t have time to go back to school?
  • Need a supportive partner to encourage you and also nudge your growth?
  • Want a place to show up and honestly share your grittiest, most challenging leadership problems?

How I can help and what I can share…

  • Clear leadership strategies and tailored action plans to guide the journey and mark success.
  • Expert insight from decades of experience and a background in education and business.
  • A variety of learning services to meet your needs—one-on-one or corporate coaching, in-person training, and membership programs.
  • Some of the best and juiciest leadership secrets I’ve learned over the past 30 years, including when organizations and leaders have gotten it right, and when they haven’t.
  • My unending passion for all things leadership related. I’ll keep you up to date on leadership trends and best practices so you won’t have to sift through Google’s 4,930,000,000 results on leadership.

About Cyndi Wentland, B.S Education, MBA

My Evolving Top 10 List:

  1. I graduated from UW Madison because my parents met there while working in the catering department at the Memorial Union.  My siblings and I were strongly advised to attend (aka this was not optional).  I was 3 credits short from a double major in psychology.  Hindsight to self = ya should’ve taken that one more class!
  2. I score extremely high in endurance and determination.  Which has created a life of my dreams and adds value to the organizations and those I work with….and (despite back surgery and surgery on both of my feet) has allowed me in my 50’s to run my first half marathon.
  3. I am the one who is laughing too loud in a social gathering or training session.  It’s a short outburst.  It can be regulated in certain settings.  I also have to monitor my language.
  4. My husband and family are my foundation.  We share values, dreams, resources and an abundance of love.
  5. I’m a great listener.  I love to pay attention and truly hear.  Though I educate, facilitate and train–my preference would always to be to listen rather than to talk.  I am a closet introvert.
  6. A personal mission of mine is to sample as many varietals of wine as I am able.  To understand the art, the science and the history of wine making is a passion and joy.  If wine is paired with cheese (especially from my beloved state of Wisconsin), I transport to a blissful state of being.  I have high cholesterol.
  7. I’ve worked in large organizations, small non-profits, and have been a self-employed entrepreneur.  I can argue passionately for the value and benefits of all of them.
  8. My quest for learning is never-ending.  College.  Grad school.  Certifications.  Podcasts.  Webinars.  Online courses.  BOOKS.  BOOKS.  BOOKS.  My love of leadership practices, of human behavior, and of social interactions is endless.
  9. I believe that at any age, at any point, people can learn, grow and change.  I’ve dedicated my entire life to that belief.
  10. I believe that everyone deserves to work with one great leader.  And I believe that you can be that leader.  On purpose.


B.S. Education UW Madison

MBA Edgewood College



Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner

Management Research Group’s:  Leadership Effectiveness Assessment 360, Individual Dimensions Inventory

Certified Life Coach