Beyond SMART Goals

Beyond SMART Goals Quick! Name 3 things you want “more of” from your staff. Got it?! Great. Clarity is good! Now, why aren’t you getting those 3 things? There are several key reasons….they don’t know how, they don’t think they’re important, or…(the big reveal) we haven’t set an expectation around it (which by the way is one of the [...]

I needed a Yoda. Do you?

Last week I fulfilled a dream I’ve been dreaming of for years….to provide more choices to learn and grow as a leader. To build a membership platform and community. Why was this my passion project? Because early in my career I needed, but did not know I needed, a guide. Like Yoda. Wise. Insightful. Challenging. Focused. I also needed [...]

Human beings are messy.

ME ALSO ME Social isolation week 3. It’s a discovery about human behavior. It’s a discovery about ourselves. So much to learn about how we navigate through a crisis. Our coping skills. Our ability to keep focus in the face of much human suffering and despair. And it matters. How we cope and what we learn. I [...]

Leadership is NOT cancelled.

It started small. News from across the world. A mysterious virus. Coming ever closer. Then the precautions, the cancellations. An event here. A concert there. It grew bigger. Sporting events cancelled. Schools cancelled. Hanging out with friends cancelled. Work as we knew it. Cancelled. But life. Not cancelled. Leadership. Definitely not cancelled. We are called upon as leaders right [...]

Do you have the courage to empower?

With companies competing for talent, employee development is a key strategy for attracting and retaining your workforce. Younger generations are seeking opportunities to grow and advance consistently, and if they don’t, they’ll find an organization who provides it. Most managers I work with have this top of mind, and many are actively seeking strategies to develop and retain their [...]

Who cares if you do it at the last minute?

I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator. Nothing gives me a jolt of energy like a looming and important deadline. It’s exciting after all to challenge my focus, energy and skills. Can I hit the deadline and still produce a high quality result? Of COURSE, I can! (She says boldly and confidently—I’ve done it a bazillion times!) Ah yes, those “planner” [...]

One. Year. Later.

Exactly one year ago my husband (then significant other) created a post about beginning the preparation and training for a November half marathon.  This was part of our New Year’s Resolution to be healthier. Well, you know about resolutions. But this story has a different ending. On Facebook he said:  "I'll never be a "runner”, but I will make [...]

Why Conflict Sucks

Because if we address the conflict and actually TALK to the person about it….well, it could hurt their feelings, or it might make the situation worse, and it takes time and energy, and it probably won’t change anything anyway, and it will be uncomfortable, and it really doesn’t matter, or it could damage the relationship, and there’s really no [...]

Stop Being a Role Model

When uncovering characteristics that great leaders share, typically participants in a training class will say, “Great leaders are good role models.” I don’t remember a single discussion on this topic where that characteristic was not mentioned. And I’m thinking, yeah….but what does that really mean? I mean early in my leadership days when I was climbing the corporate ladder, [...]

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