Coaching Planning Worksheet

Being an effective coach is crucial to your role as a leader.  And, I know it’s challenging to balance “coaching” with doing work, but this integration must be found.  For purposes here, we’ll define coaching using a definition provided by Blessing White in an executive summary report they did on coaching:

  • Coaching is a focused and intentional effort to help another person figure out the best way to achieve his or her goalsbuild skill sets or expertise, and produce the results the organization needs.

A couple of notes on the definition above, is it is about the other person…and helping them to determine the best path.  Those are important nuances and also means that coaching in this context exists as both a skill set and a mindset.  The belief that we can be a coach to anyone, anywhere and anytime can serve us if we have good intentions and an excellent skill set.

This area is designed to provide coaching tools to accomplish this goal.