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  • Francois Brunet
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    Finding a good “why” is more difficult than I thought! I think of it as a calling, which can be boiled down to something as simple as “building things” (which is pretty common for an engineer!). More detailed would be “to tackle and solve difficult design problems, by demonstrating elegance despite complexity.” But that can also be viewed more like a passion, not so much a Why.

    I am curious what others have come up with?

    Intentionaleaders Wentland
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    Francois, yes the “why” is a challenge! I love that you’re considering it your calling. Its been your calling in some way your entire life! As you consider the “building of things” (the what) and “demonstrating elegance” (the how), what compels you to do these things? How will your life or others be different, better, improved, changed because you are driven to be the builder of elegant solutions? That is the core of your “why.”

    Chelsea Hicks-Webster
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    Hi Francois,

    Thanks for getting the conversation started!

    Reading your post and comparing it with my own ‘why’ makes me realized that there is more than one type of ‘why.’

    You shared a beautiful ‘technical’ why, related to solving difficult design problems. That’s probably a really compelling and exciting why for you and your team of engineers! I can imagine that your ‘why’ is probably shared by those you lead.

    Similarly, I have a ‘technical’ why.

    My first leadership position was at a non-profit organization that supported businesses in becoming more sustainable. My technical ‘why’ would be something like this: Human activity consumes more resources and produces more waste than the world can handle. We are operating beyond the carrying capacity of the earth, which can’t physically continue. Business can be a lever for change. Business activities touch all aspects of our lives – if we can help businesses operate more sustainably, maybe we can create meaningfully move humanity towards a sustainable environmental footprint.

    I also found that I have a ‘leadership’ why. One that speaks to what motivates me as a leader/manager, specifically. It would be something like: As a leader, I want to bring out the best in my team. To constantly be creating an environment that enables my staff to contribute meaningfully, play to their strengths and work effectively with one another. Ultimately, I want to enable our team to produce something greater than the sum of what we could produce on our own.

    For me, I think the latter is equally compelling, haha. I get so much energy from solving the interpersonal puzzles that come with leading a team.

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