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Beyond SMART Goals

Quick!  Name 3 things you want “more of” from your staff.  Got it?!  Great.  Clarity is good!  Now, why aren’t you getting those 3 things?   

There are several key reasons….they don’t know how, they don’t think they’re important, or…(the big reveal) we haven’t set an expectation around it (which by the way is one of the leading causes of performance problems!!). 

Goal setting is something many of us have been exposed to, we know the value.  However, I see this as a BIG opportunity around competency and behavioral development.  Take a peek at this video, Beyond SMART Goals to see how you might be able to use this concept to get those behaviors you want.  Starting tomorrow.  On purpose!

Collaborative Problem Solving

I am going to share an important secret with you.  Ready?  You do not have to solve all the problems in the universe.  WHAT?!  I know, it’s a crazy concept.  Because as leaders we believe that this is our job.  Check this video out and learn about some easy to use and highly collaborative problem solving tools.  Engage your team.  Bring them doughnuts too.

5 Reasons Your Employees Don’t Solve Problems

Aka, if you are solving the problems you may also be the problem.

Many managers are promoted based on the depth of their expertise, or their tenure.  Which is fantastic, until it is time to coach problem solving.  Why?  Because as managers we typically know how to solve problems (we’ve seen them or something similar before) or we think it is simply our jobs to solve them.  This.  Is.  Problematic.  If you are solving everyone’s problems, you are part of the problem.  If you want your employees to demonstrate more ownership, independence and initiative (and frankly, who doesn’t?!), then you need to read, study and execute on the tips in this resource.  This will be hard.  Behavior changes are.  But trust me, it will be transformative.


Values Inventory

The inspiring Walt Disney said, “Every leader is telling a story about what he or she values.”

But how many of us know the story we are telling?  How aware are we in not only what we value but how we live and align to those values?  As I do more work on emotional intelligence, in the areas of self-awareness and self-management in particular, values show up in some meaningful ways.

For example, someone misses a deadline.  Well they missed a deadline AGAIN!  Your thoughts may be….what is wrong with them!  How can they be so unreliable?  I would never miss a deadline or two or three!  This is wrong!

And, chances are, you value reliability or dependability.  Its probably something you are known for.  Its something you value, that translates into consistent behaviors and actions.  It guides you.  To observe someone not adhering to this value is well, surprising and frankly maddening (and this, my friends, is a trigger).

For more insights, take this values inventory.  And, consider sharing it with your team.  I promise it will create a great discussion!


Delegation Action Plan

Remember the excitement of the first task your manager delegated to you?…And do you remember the last? 

Or did that fantastic feeling fade when suddenly you were juggling more work, more stress with a triple mocha Frappuccino and a snickers bar for breakfast?  Because if you’re competent and confident, you’ll always get more work.   But, as a delegation strategy….This.  Is.  A.  Fail.  Stop the cycle of delegating to your best, brightest (and most frazzled) employees by using delegation to grow your team, yes, the ones who don’t know how to do the task.  Take 20 minutes to complete the Delegation Action Plan and reward those overworked employees with a real coffee break.  Double chocolaty chip creme Frappuccino please.


Menu for Effective Feedback

Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away??

If you’d rather get a root canal than provide developmental feedback, you’re in the right place.  Not because I’m a dentist.  Because, no, it probably won’t go away.  And yes, it does reflect poorly on your credibility as an amazing leader.  And yes, it’s probably giving you that acid indigestion.  So, let’s do this.  Use the Menu for Effective Feedback worksheet to prepare and deliver focused developmental feedback.  No laughing gas required.


Coaching Planning Worksheet

It’s time to find time for coaching.

I know what you’re thinking, who has time to do coaching?  In between the endless meetings, tight deadlines and bazillions of demands on your time—your team is drifting aimlessly.  Haha, probably not, but are they performing at their best?  What would 30 minutes of your time do for their confidence, clarity and engagement?  Let’s find out!  Spend 10 minutes to complete the Coaching Planning Worksheet, and 20 minutes engaging in a targeted discussion.  Prepare to be rewarded with this investment of your time.  30 minutes.  Go.