I’m Cyndi, your leadership coach & biggest cheerleader.

Ready to nudge you towards your goals.

I’ve been a leadership coach most of my career.  However, when I started actively working with a coach, on purpose, it changed my life forever.  Without coaching, I would not have founded Intentionaleaders.  I would have remained successful but safe.  Absent an objective, authentic and focused coach, I would not be boldly pursuing my dreams.  With a mixture of excitement and terror, I am on a new path.  Because discomfort is the currency of our dreams.  Yes, my coach taught me that too. 

A Strengths Based Approach to Coaching

  • Identify and maximize your strengths
  • Uncover what is already working for you
  • Examine outdated beliefs and practices that no longer serve you
  • Discover hidden barriers affecting your career goals
  • Strengthen change resilience

Value of Coaching

  • Build leadership capabilities and capacity
  • Strengthen confidence and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Improve individual and business performance
  • Get that next promotion
  • Have more energy and fun

My Coaching Process:

Step 1: Results

Coaching begins with the end in mind.  Meaning we’ll be defining where you are today, and where you want to be in the future.  We’ll visualize and describe the gaps between your reality today and your future goals.

This results in the identification of 1-2 focused results for the coaching engagement.

Step 2: Engagement

The ongoing engagement and coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Examining your beliefs about yourself
  • Helping you discover what is already working
  • Focusing on maximizing your individual strengths
  • Examining the key elements affecting your life and career goals
  • Uncovering your effective coping strategies
  • Exploring how your mindset affects your results

Step 3: Accountability

Coaching is a partnership.  It is about focus and support to achieve your goals.  This means accountability (cheering you on and holding you accountable) for the results you are seeking.  We carve out the time and space to set you up for success.

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“I have worked with Cyndi on several projects involving talent development, building essential (soft) skills and developing leadership competencies. I can attest to the high quality design and delivery and have seen for myself that her learning experiences get results!

 Cyndi brings to bear on our collaboration the gifts of an experienced facilitator, leadership coach and instructional designer, to name a few.  Her sweet spot is that she is likable, personable and very effective in developing and delivering tailored content designed to move the needle for a particular audience in any employee category, from executive leadership support to C-Suite leaders.  Any organization seeking to build capability in its workforce benefits from a partnership with Cyndi Wentland and Intentionaleaders LLC.”

Shenita Brokenburr, Ph.D Bridge Braintrust LLC