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At Intentionaleaders, we believe in leadership on purpose. To be the inspiring leader we wish we had, we believe that:

  • Our values and beliefs guide our actions; we are purposeful

  • Strengths create energy, ignite passion, and increase engagement—we activate them!

  • Leadership requires a growth mindset; we advance our skills

  • Our daily practices enhance or detract from our success; we are observant

We are not our thoughts and our thoughts are not facts; we choose them. On purpose.

– Cyndi Wentland, Founder of Intentionaleaders

Are you…

Feeling stressed and unprepared to deal with employee issues?

Struggling to find time to coach employees AND do your own work?

Being asked to do more with less?

Driving yet another change?

Still trying to figure out that other generation?

Become the leader you wished you had.

With the Intentionaleaders Membership, you’ll  learn how to:

  • Go home at the end of the day feeling less stressed and more accomplished

  • Increase engagement for your team and yourself

  • Be the leader that shows up confident and prepared, no matter what

  • Feel more prepared to handle tough employee issues

  • Be the one known for amazing results



Build confidence and competence in critical leadership areas without spending thousands on an MBA or hours in a classroom.  Experience a targeted, curated plan based on the Intentionaleaders model of Self-CARE.  Self-care means starting with ourselves before we focus on leading others (put your oxygen mask on first!). 

With learning designed for emerging leaders to more experienced executives, you’ll find an opportunity for growth. Following an “ABC” approach to learning, Assess, Build and Cement, each month we’ll focus on mastery of a critical skill or practice.  This micro learning saves you time and creates focus.  Focused learning creates new habits.  New habits lead to sustainable behavior change.  Celebrate results.

You’ll also receive tools and resources to cascade new skills to your team.  Expand your capabilities and capacity, do the same for your team.  Celebrate big results.


Sometimes it’s hard to find our tribe.  The right resources to guide us, support us, cheer us on, commiserate on challenges and well, to hold us accountable too. 

In our membership site, connect in a private forum with like minded leaders who are committed to growth, transparency, and learning.  Who will share their experiences, their journey to intentional leadership.

You’ll also have the opportunity for real time collaboration in a group setting.  Bring your specific challenges and get ideas and answers.  Also, the comfort of knowing, you are not alone.

Find your tribe here.

Check out what we’re learning!  Learning at your fingertips!

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Your Membership Includes

  • Monthly guided self-paced learning in easy-to-digest and apply modules, curated around the most important leadership skills

  • Training videos, workbooks and worksheets to guide your learning

  • Access to a private discussion board to ask questions, share insights, and get support for your specific work and/or employee challenges

  • Easy to use downloadable worksheets, checklists and resources to cascade to your team for stress free talent development

  • Live calls twice monthly for collaboration, Q&A’s and access to leadership experts!

  • Bonus resources added monthly to add to your toolbox


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