Project Description

A couple of years ago I lost weight. About 30 pounds. A key driver was tracking calories. Daily. Like, that’s a thing (my mind resisted as I have staunchly rebelled at looking at nutritional information for 5 decades). This painstaking and annoying daily practice, day after day and month after month, led me to transformative results.

Of course, I used an app.  It became my accountability buddy.  The repository of my choices, without judgment, occasionally rewarding my hydration goals, always consequence to my actions.

COVID bedraggled, I find myself turning to that app. Again. I need accountability.  Holiday season be damned.

Lest you think I’ve turned to coaching on health-related issues (which means you aren’t aware of my obsession with wine, pizza, nachos, popcorn made with butter flavored Crisco, dark chocolate, Mrs. Fishers Potato chips, BelVita crackers, Cheese-Nips, and anything eggnog flavored which is SUPER helpful this time of year), I have not.

But it got me thinking about the value of the app.  Friend or foe?

Leaning into self-awareness, accountability for my choices (though I have to admit I did add a custom line item “Too Complicated to Count” for 500 calories and created a “CLW Wine” category to make my wine tracking more efficient), a constant indicator of my results.

Definitely friend.

So, what if there were an app for our choices at work?

What if we tracked the amount of times we praised those around us? Reinforced?  Held others accountable. Or missed the opportunity to do so. Our practice of coaching others. The times we missed those touch base meetings with employees.  The number of times we reacted in stress rather than calm.

How much?  How frequent?

Without discipline, habit, ongoing honest reflection, do we really know how our choices impact those around us?  Those things we choose or don’t choose to do every day that have an impact on others we lead.

Just how healthy are our leadership habits?

Who is to hold us accountable for those daily choices…and does it matter?

I believe it does.  Gary Vaynerchuk has an outstanding quote that I use in classes to emphasize self-awareness.  “Please think about your legacy, because you’re writing it every day.”

And there it is.  The culmination of our choices.  Every day.

So, while we wait for that “Your Daily Leadership Habits” app (we obviously need a marketing agent asap), what if you dialed in to your own?  Really paid attention for a period of time.  Choices made.  No judgment.  Just data.  (Because they say, “What gets measured gets done.” And while I don’t know who “they” are, I think they must be smart.)

How would tracking your leaderships improve productivity, employee relationships, or even sales?

Your practices.  If you’re like me, it just might be transformative.  A conscious choice. One that must be documented.  Accounted for.  Cheese Nips.  27 crackers.  140 calories.

Not today.

Now forgive me while I document 12 more ounces of water.

Accountability.  Love it.