Project Description

The Johari Window

This tool was developed waaaaay back in 1955 by American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham (thus the super cool combo name).  At the core, this tools is about self discovery.  This is about your authentic self, and also others’ perceptions of you.  The Arena, or open self is the knowledge you have of your skills, abilities and feelings that others are also aware of.  The Facade, or hidden self, are things that we don’t share.  Either because we prefer them to be private, or we might feel vulnerable sharing them (“Oh no, I am not good at my job, I am an imposter!!!”).  The Blindspot is of course things that others know about us, but we are unaware (like when my team used to call me “the hammer” –early in my career; this was not a term of affection, fyi).  And then there is of course the Unknown window that are the skills and talents that we’ve yet to discover–they are waiting patiently for the opportunity to emerge.

Use this tool with your team to open the discussion on self-awareness and transparency in our relationships.  Strive to have a large open window, increase connections, trust and let in the fresh air.

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