Project Description

Values Inventory

The inspiring Walt Disney said, “Every leader is telling a story about what he or she values.”

But how many of us know the story we are telling?  How aware are we in not only what we value but how we live and align to those values?  As I do more work on emotional intelligence, in the areas of self-awareness and self-management in particular, values show up in some meaningful ways.

For example, someone misses a deadline.  Well they missed a deadline AGAIN!  Your thoughts may be….what is wrong with them!  How can they be so unreliable?  I would never miss a deadline or two or three!  This is wrong!

And, chances are, you value reliability or dependability.  Its probably something you are known for.  Its something you value, that translates into consistent behaviors and actions.  It guides you.  To observe someone not adhering to this value is well, surprising and frankly maddening (and this, my friends, is a trigger).

For more insights, take this values inventory.  And, consider sharing it with your team.  I promise it will create a great discussion!