Coach with Purpose

4 Steps to a Successful Outcome

Strengthen your coaching discussion!

Last week we talked about you being a coach. And also, what coaching is as well as some common pitfalls.

As a reminder, we said coaching is a focused and intentional effort to help another person figure out the best way to achieve his or her goals, build skill sets or expertise, and produce the results the organization needs.

Today we’re going to focus on the path to a successful discussion. And yes, this applies to you whether you have direct reports, or you’re a mentor, informal leader, or someone who has another’s best interests at heart.

There are 4 steps to this process.

Step 1:  Set the Stage

  • Define your intentions
  • Schedule a discussion
  • Prepare

Step 2:  Define the Opportunity or Problem

  • Focus on the behavior and results, not the person:
  • Focus on facts, not assumptions:
  • Be specific, using examples, instead of vague and general:
  • Compare the current to the desired
  • Encourage self-awareness and self-management

Step 3:  Discuss & Explore Options

  • Ask don’t tell
  • Discuss pros and cons (of the actions being explored)
  • Be deliberate in your support
  • Identify the ideal action(s)

Step 4:  Develop a Plan

  • Clarify and confirm
  • Set expectations for next steps
  • Set a follow-up date
  • Reinforce & express confidence

Original Source based on concepts from: HRDQ, Coaching for Development & Coaching Conversations

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