Welcome to the Intentional Leaders Podcast with Cyndi Wentland. Where we’re all about creating confident, successful, and focused leaders who manage with purpose and impact. I’m Cyndi Wentland, the founder of Intentionaleaders. And I’m passionate about learning, teaching, and coaching on all things leadership related. My purpose is to equip leaders like you with the tools, resources, and support to accomplish your goals. To learn when you want, how you want. So, if you’re an aspiring leader, first-time manager, experienced executive, or you just want to make a bigger impact in your role as an individual contributor—this podcast is for you. Because each week we’ll focus on relevant, applicable, and easy to implement skills and practices—to create focus and a deliberate path to employee engagement and business results. I know that leadership has its challenges but learning to lead shouldn’t be one of them.

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EP 15: Delegation

Lean into your fears.

So many reasons to not delegate.  From a recovering control freak….I get it.  How to stop the madness.

Coming the week of 4/26

EP 14: Are you strong enough to empower?

It takes strength to give it away.

Why is it so hard to give up control?  Tap into your fears and thoughts to bring out the best in others.

Coming the week of 4/19

EP 13: Collaboration

Easier said than done.

Everyone wants it.  We need it.  So why is it so stinkin’ hard to do?  Because there is a strategy and there is a process.


EP 12: “I don’t have enough time”

Things we tell ourselves that aren’t really true.

Our thoughts about time determine our emotions and actions.  Every single day.  So let’s examine what’s in our heads and how we think about time.


EP 11: The Power of Assertive Language

How to Mean What You Say & Say What You Mean without Being Mean

It’s amazing the difference between what we want and what we say.  Self-awareness is the key to change.  And it involves some focus, determination, persistence and humor to change ourselves.


EP 10:  Leaning into Political Savvy

Strengthen Your Political Muscles

Politics.  It’s not creepy or snarky or sleezy.  It’s a way to achieve your goals and results.  Seriously.  Let’s reframe this important leadership competency.


EP 09: Got Triggers?

The Things that Bug You at Work

In this episode we’ll explore what makes you mad, frustrated and annoyed at work.  What you would change if you could?  And what all this means to your leadership.


EP 08: Knowing Your Values

The Need for Transparency in Leading Others

If you’ve never done a values assessment, I’ll tell you why it’s extremely valuable.


EP 07: Exploring Your Confidence

Why Confidence is a Choice Everyday

Do you have confidence?  Why or why not?  And when.  Let’s explore a mindset shift.


EP 06: Manager or Leader

Who do you want to be?

What does a manager do?  What is a leader?  Who do you aspire to be?


EP 05: Being Motivational

Ways We Might Get Motivation Wrong

How much do you know about motivation?  Yours?  For others?  Discover the traditional ways we think about motivation.  And what we’re missing.


EP 04: Choosing Growth

Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

What do you tell yourself about your capabilities?  Take a peek into your brain and see where your beliefs might be problematic.


EP 03: Embracing Failure

The Value of Risk and Mistakes in Leading Others

Explore the mindset you have about failure and what it means.  A short but sweet look into your brain and your stories.  About you.


EP 02: Exploring Locus of Control

Leadership, Control and Stress

This episode highlights the control we feel that we have over our lives…..and how this relates to our stress.  This concept can be helpful for you individually, and with your team.


EP 01: How to be a Conscious Leader

Be Aware of Your Vulnerability in Learning

This episode highlights the beauty and challenges of learning, following Martin M. Broadwell’s model and the “Four Levels of Teaching.”  Though relevant to teaching, this framework becomes valuable to explore relative to learning and where, as adults, we sometimes get stuck.