Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association Testimonial

“Cyndi Wentland offers the perfect blend of inspiration and practicality, coaching students to seek and achieve greater purpose, productivity, and satisfaction at work.  Whether you’re new to a leadership role, or looking for fresh strategies to motivate yourself and your team, trust that Cyndi can – and will! – help you grow.”

Rebekah Sweeney | Communications, Education, and Policy Director | Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association

“I have partnered with Cyndi for the past several years to provide our organization comprehensive leadership training and team facilitation. She has helped us build strong leadership skills among our current leaders and aspiring leaders with content designed specifically for our organization. She has facilitated many of our team retreats focused on collaboration, team building, and self-exploration using DiSC and Strengths Finder. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through her positive, high-energy, and thought-provoking presentation style and interactive learning content that has resulted in a high level of participant engagement and learning. Her sincere desire to help people is evident in the long-term relationships she builds with her students. I highly recommend Cyndi as a coach, trainer, facilitator for any company seeking to develop their teams and build their leadership capacity.”

Shelly Rufer-Edseth | Director, Organizational Learning & Development | Quartz Health Solutions, Inc.

“Cyndi has been inspirational as we have created and developed leadership training and coaching at Summit. She is an outstanding, knowledgeable, and empathic facilitator and teacher, with an approach that immediately puts class participants at ease. Beyond that, she has helped us uncover opportunities to expand how we guide leadership growth and development. We look to her for ideas, creativity and partnership as we enhance our offerings for aspiring, current, and experienced leaders. She has a special “magic” that allows leaders to let themselves be vulnerable when working with her and then to embrace and effectively implement that they learn.”

Nancy Kasten | SVP-Human Resources and Organizational Development | Summit Credit Union

“I have worked with Cyndi on several projects involving talent development, building essential (soft) skills and developing leadership competencies. I can attest to the high quality design and delivery and have seen for myself that her learning experiences get results!

 Cyndi brings to bear on our collaboration the gifts of an experienced facilitator, leadership coach and instructional designer, to name a few.  Her sweet spot is that she is likable, personable and very effective in developing and delivering tailored content designed to move the needle for a particular audience in any employee category, from executive leadership support to C-Suite leaders.  Any organization seeking to build capability in its workforce benefits from a partnership with Cyndi Wentland and Intentionaleaders LLC.”

Shenita Brokenburr, Ph.D | Bridge Braintrust LLC

“I started to work with Cyndi more than five years ago. I was diving into a bold career transition, and the leadership challenges were both subtle and complex. Cyndi mentored me at every step of the way. She provided actionable approaches that I could put to use immediately, which fueled a powerful cycle of strategy, action, feedback, and recalibration. The result was a systematic, predictable march toward success, and a toolset that I will continue to use for the rest of my career.”

Francois Brunet | CISSP, P. Eng., Ph.D.

“After my first planning meeting with Cyndi, I knew I had found a partner in our office’s training and development journey.  She was as invested, as I was,  in the success of our professional practices development program we had laid out.  The key was her listening and understanding the challenges I faced to develop and build a soft skills training program in an engineering consulting firm.  Cyndi brought a methodology that created a strong foundation and language across the organization allowing us to build a program that started out where individuals were required to attend the training and today there is a pent up demand for a variety of classes. 

 Cyndi brings a great balance of theory and practical application.  She is a very interactive presenter – friendly with high energy.  Her classes are active – participants do not just sit and listen; rather they participate and practice the concepts they are learning in the moment.  Part strategist, part coach and part cheerleader.  Cyndi brings an optimistic vitality that makes learning and growing fun and dynamic.”

Diane | Director of Organizational Development | Local engineering consulting firm

“Thank you Cyndi!  The lessons you taught, and the way you taught them, will leave an imprint on the rest of my life.  As mindfulness teaches, this class was about leadership, but also about life.  I am forever grateful and will definitely keep in touch.  Thank you again for sharing your gift!”

Jason M. | Local healthcare organization